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Z83F, Linux and WiFi not working


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I bought my Z83F in September 2021. The mainboard date is January 2020.
Maybe there are on the market more recent Z83F, with different chips.

The WiFi chip on my Z83F is : AP6255, other name : BCM4345.

The Broadcom chip BCM4345 is NOT a BCM43455 !

BCM43455 is a newer and enhanced version of BCM4345.

On actual Linux, Mint 20, Ubuntu 21 and so on, the Wifi driver for Broadcom chips is brcmfmac.
This Open Source driver meets the more recent WiFi specs. On the other hand it is built for
recent chips, say at least a BCM43455. ( see Open Source docs on Internet ).

Test :
while booting, when brcmfmac finds the AP6255, it sends messages. We can see these messages
after boot, in a terminal, with the 'dmesg' command.
These messages say, in red, that brcmfmac has NOT found essentials things, like ARM CR4 core.
It says too that the chip has not been well identified, it has found a BCM43454/6 chip...
Then the driver loads, but CANNOT drive the chip which lacks essential features.

Result : no Wifi.
Cause : ancient hardware (AP6255) on recent software (brcmfmac).

Best regards.

note : ancient Linux ( maybe Ubuntu 16 ) have ancient line of Broadcom Wifi drivers,
name : 'B43XX'. These drivers are NOT in current distros and are no more 'supported'.
If I need Wifi on my Z83F, I plug a USB-WiFi key 'et voilà'.

Other option : keep Windows 10, where WiFi is running, but not wired Ethernet, at first.
After some Ethernet breakdowns - my Windows 10 password was out of order - I switched quickly on Linux.

On Linux Mint 20 - where I am - audio, display - HDMI and VGA - Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB
2.0 - 3.0, SD Cards, everything is working well, just on-board WiFi fails, for reasons
explained here.
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