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Z83-F Windows 10 pro 1903 system (update to 1909)


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Finally got this to work did the following not sure if both required.
1) renamed directory from “scripts” to “Scripts”
2) used a monitor on that interface rather than a tv on hdmi
Spoke a little too soon :-(
2nd reboot had the installing updates screen again then on completion hangs on the MINISFORUM startup screen with the dots



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When extracting v1909, there's a data error (in Winrar and 7zip) with "images/Install.wim". When I look at the total used space on USB after copying all files from RAR, it shows me 1.75 GB (of 29.8 available). I'm suspecting that not all data was properly extracted and that error might be related.

! C:\Z8350 ver1909.rar: Checksum error in images\Install.wim. The file is corrupt

Do you have any suggestion?

EDIT: Solution found. I downloaded rar file directly to my USB where I extracted all the files.
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Ok, I managed to re-install with v1909.
For those who plan to reinstall the system with v1909: there is one very important step missing in the video - once "Applying image" reaches 100% and your computers restarts, you need to press F7/F11/Delete again and change in BIOS the boot drive back to hard drive with Windows. Otherwise the installation process will keep repeating.


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Hello every one.
My issue is atthe vey begining as uou can see at the image.
Tried several times, with diferents usb sticks and ports (just in case) but theres no way to update.
Any idea?
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Yes, this way works, Allready testet, but setting the drivers is no so easy, thats wfy i was trying the "drivered" version.
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