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Z83-F Model: POST Boot Up Screen - can we disable it?


New Member
I am new to this group and very excited to learn more about MINISFORUM products.

Background - We used micro-CPUs for manufacturing tools and currently, the preference is to use DELL, but as the solutions consultant, I want to try out MINISFORUM as an alternative.

My problem is the CEO is a big fan of DELL, and he will go crazy if he sees the MINISFORUM logo.

Is their a way to disable this logo, possibly leave it blank or replace it with some image or animation?

I will appreciate any suggestions or ideas. We initially purchase 3 units with a target deployment of Jun 24, so we are in a bit of a bind.

Thank you very much in advance.


Staff member
Please send me your current version of bios.
Step: Press "Win + R"-> "msinfo32"-> see BIOS version.


Staff member
Sorry, this version cannot be replaced.But if the quantity purchased is enough, it can be customized.
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