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z-83F Linux headless boot


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Hi I posted here prior about unable to boot a z83-F in a headless monitor configuration into Ubuntu Linux. I got help with a link to a new bios but I am unable to upgrade the bios. The bios file was shared by the bios ending in "X5R110-Ubuntu.rar/file" along with instructions on how to upgrade from the UEFI shell.

I followed the instructions but I get the error:

Error 280: Failed to disable write protection for the BIOS space!

Update BIOS done!

How can I disable the write protection to update the bios?



p.s. Other thread is here http://bbs.minisforum.com/conversations/z83-f-linxu-bios.xxxx/


KODLIX developer
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Please press the DEL key to enter the BIOS。
【 Chipset】--【 South Bridge】--【BIOS Read/Write Protection】---》【Enabled】 change to 【Disabled】


In my opinion you don't really need to update bios to install linux until you know exactly which function is needed in the bios.

Can you share what is the exact function you need that's making you update the bios? As the link is not useable cause it looks like a link to private message.


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Thank you, it does point to private information, the BIOS is mainly to solve the problem that linux cannot boot without a monitor 。
So this only works on linux, not on windows.


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I wanted to Thank Wen for sending me the BIOS update that allows a headless boot under Linux. I am running Ubuntu 18.4 using the PC as a K3S node. Works perfectly. Will probably be updating to Micro8KS in the near future and it will run as a node on that version of Kubernetes.
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