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X35G Power On Function


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If the X35G you are using needs to turn on the Auto Power on function to realize plug-in auto-start, please follow the steps below to update the EC.

The downloed link of X35G EC( auto power on ) :https://www.mediafire.com/file/n80awd0mn0xtwrw/X35GPOWERON.rar/file

Preparation materials: a USB flash disk

Update steps:
1. Format the USB flash disk, format: FAT32, name: WINPE .

2. After unzipping, copy all files to a USB flash disk.

3. Insert the USB disk into PC, After booting ,
Press F12 repeatedly, select“UEFI: xxx flash disk”, ENTER.
Then the script will run automatically to update the EC. After the update is complete, the power on function can be realized.


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Thank you so much for adding this feature. I just ran the script and it is working great now.

Just a note for anyone else trying this, I couldn't get the boot manager to come up with F7, I had to use F2 and go into the BIOS and launch it from there.


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What should I do if I need to cancel this function? Any similar script for refreshing BIOS or any switch on the motherboard for operation?
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