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x300 Ryzen 5 3400GE Bios


New Member
Hi, the bios is total useless, clock-date-boot-sequence...really ?,
even if i will go for 3200 Mhz, no chance to set this.....
i mean the Module Specifications are 16GB 2G x 64-Bit DDR4-3200
but it´s only 2933 Mhz ! this is wasted potenial.

but overall it is a great little PC


are they any Low-Profile-cooler available like Noctua, they fit here ?
or power adapter with up to 90 watt ?

thx brisci


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Yes I confirm. X300 with this configuration is the loudestcomputer I ever had in last 10 years.. pretty unusable with this noise.
I would like to have ASAP a bios upgrade cause actual bios is totaly useless.
At this moment my X300 works well but I can not suggest it to other with this issue.


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it would be nice to see more Options @ X300 BIOS

a Fan Curve option

a Power consumption switch eco 0-20 Watt / standard 0-40 Watt / high 0-55 Watt. Looks like this BadBoy stays under 40 Watt on heavy load, if i remember right the AC adapter can run up to 64.xx Watt.

a RAM setting Mhz option and or a XMP option.

but can´t say if this is possible via mainboard and chipset build in.

cheers Brisci


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Could be usefull to have an official answer pointing to this issue.. cause this is a big issue.
For me it pretty unusable with all this noise.


Staff member
Do you plan to update the BIOS of the X300?
Ok to the CPU limitation, but the BIOS does not allow to change the fan configuration?
It is quite noisy ...

We are adjusting the optimization parameters. please wait patiently.


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@joey : My friend also has a X300 mini PC but he has never complained about fan noise. He has kept it in a good ventilated place. I guess that's the reason he is not facing any heating and fan noise issues.

Does this BIOS update add any extra control options?

If YES, what are they?
If NO, do you still recommend to update BIOS to the latest version?

Also please provide detailed instructions so everyone can update it without bricking the PC.

Thank you.


New Member
ate add any extra control options?
@ilroby @brisci @anqiaowei
Please download the following document to update EC to reduce the fan noise of X300.
Thank you. There is a significant difference after the update ...
Now the fan is not activated all the time, seems to be on with 50ªC as per sensors output

On kernels 5.10,5.11,5.12, setting the cpu to powersave may help to maintain the system quiet. It would be great if someone can test it ...
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