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Wireless does not work with 2.5 SSD


New Member
After initial powerup and setup, I installed my 2.5 SSD. After that, I can not connect to WiFi. Sometimes it connects, but I have no internet. I have the following troubleshooting

  1. Removed SSD and WiFi connected and ran fine.
  2. Updated drivers
  3. Left the SSD connected, but next to case. WiFi ran fine.
  4. Disconnected SSD, but left in case. WiFi didn't work
  5. Tried 2.5 HDD instead of SSD physically installed but not connected. WiFi was fine.
The SSD is a Samsung. Not sure that should matter.

Since it works when not in the case, I don't think it is an electronic issue. My best guess is it is physically blocking the signal.

Does anyone know of anything else to try?


Staff member
This may be related to the physical signal, I suggest you try to replace other 2.5inch SSD to try.


New Member
Are there any SSDs that work? It is it just a spot that can't actually be used. I can't just buy a crap load of random SSD hoping one works.
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