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Windows Server on HM80


New Member
Dear All

I have purchaed am HM80 and would like to run Windows Server 2019 Standard on it at my home.

I have attempted to do so and it install and starts just fine.

There are just several issues relating to drivers, the most pressing one ist, that the Intel 2.5GBit Ethernet Adapter cannot be installed. I have attempte dboth teh drivers provied here on this platform, as well as Intel's own drivers, both the standard ones and the Windows Server 2019 ones, with no effect. Every time I attempt to install the device, I receive the error, the no intel network hardware is installed.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you in advance.


New Member
Thank you for the answer. Even though I don’t understand where the connection would be. There are drivers available for W Server 2019 from Intel, but somehow they don’t work on the HM80, which I consider a bit strange.
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