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Windows 11


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will there come an update for the bios, so that I can run windows 11 on my machine?

Before buying it, I checked the official Microsoft site. There this CPU was listed, so I bought it.

But now there is no possibility to enable tpm 2.0 and secure boot in the bios.



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Just to say that I have successfully updated to Windows 11 on my UM340, without any problems.

First I updated the BIOS, as above, and then ran the Windows 11 compatibility checker - which approved it and allowed Windows 11 to install.

There were no driver incompatibilites and I didn't have to do any BIOS tweaks as the installer did that all for me.

All I have to do now is get to like Windows 11 .....


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I can add to the above information by saying that I was able to sign up to beta versions of Windows 11 via the insider program and that they all work up to date.
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