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Wake on LAN (and sleep mode) - DMAF5


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How is WoL supposed to work? There is option in BIOS, but when it is enabled and I put the computer to sleep (suspend), it won't wake up with WoL packets. Network interface is up and receiving packets, because I can see the lights blinking.
Actually I haven't found any way to resume from suspend mode, keyboard has no effect and even power button doesn't do anything. Only long press on power button will turn off (force crash) the suspended system. Does it work in Windows?


The best thing to do is to try the same on Windows few times, this will give you the confidence that the hardware works as it should.

Next you can try it linux and if it doesn't work then you will need to enable the same on linux kernel and userspace.

Which linux os are you using on the device?


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Right now Debian 10 with kernel from backports package 5.9.0-0.bpo.2-amd64. And kernel is really the only thing that matters here.
I haven't had time yet to play around with different versions.
Maybe someone with Windows can confirm, does suspend and/or WoL work there as expected?


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Hi munninen,

i got WoL on the DMAF5 to work a few days ago.
Using Windows Update it sadly didn't install the proper LAN Network Interface Card drivers (worked for the WiFi6 card surprisingly), so i had to install the Realtek GE drivers manually from here:

(By the way, Minisforum, you should add those drivers to the support page of the DMAF5)

After that i only had to activate the WoL functionality from the Windows Device Manager:

I'm using an Android app called "Wake On Lan" which sends the magic packet to my DMAF5.
I didn't find a way to use the WOL functionality to turn off the DMAF5 again (is this the suspend function you are talking about?), so i'm using another Android app called "SSH Button" to send a simple shutdown command over SSH to it.
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