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unable to power on / quality issues


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I have two U500-H Mini PC Intel Core i3-5005U since Jan 2020. However they frequently fail. The symptom always the same - after pressing power button to turn on, the unit immediately powers down. No boot logo, no bios, fan spins up for 1 second then stops.

The LED power light says on for 1-2 seconds, then off. I have disconnected everything, replaced power adapter, removed CMOS battery and left to drain 24 hrs, reset switch, but no effect.

I have so far completed previous 3 returns over the year to Amazon sellers who has been helpful. However now both units exhibit this problem again. If I am able to complete return that would be 5 returns between the two units over 13 months.

The first units lasted for about 6 and 7 months, and returned to/replaced by seller in August 2020. One of the replacements failed in January 2021 and was replaced, then its replacement failed after 2 weeks of use. The other unit failed in the meantime.

I have never had an experience like this, with multiple returns on same object. Is this just a string of bad luck or have others had QC issues with these?

I have nothing unusual about their use: only mouse/keyboard and a usb hub for flash drives attached. One monitor each over DP. Sits on desk on living room. Nearby on table are several Intel NUCS that have run without problem for years.



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I am deeply sorry for this situation, I don't know why this is the case, but we will improve our products. In addition, if the minipc is to use a usb hub, I suggest to supply power separately, otherwise the power supply will be insufficient and the minipc cannot be used normally. Hope this information is helpful to you.
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