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UM300 wifi(Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ) driver update


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The Driver download address:
The Video of Clean Installation of Wireless Drivers :

Update this driver to solve the following bugs :
1.Windows* Stop Errors (BSOD) caused by the Intel Wireless driver
2.Windows* Stop Errors (BSOD) may occur while playing online video and turning on Windows
10 mobile hotspot.
3.Windows* Stop Errors (BSOD) may occur when rebooting the system
4.Under some circumstances, a system may fail to automatically reconnect to the Access Point
after returning into the RF range
5.Wake on Wireless LAN may fail on a system with wireless AMT (Intel* Active Management
6.With certain HW/SW configurations, random network disconnection may occur and require
reconnecting manually
7.Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software 21.120.0 has been updated to include functional and
security updates. Users should update to the latest version
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