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Ubuntu 18.4 no HDMI over Pulseaudio


New Member
I have been registered since yesterday.
I've had this little PC for a week.
Installing Ubuntu was pretty easy.
Actually, only a small test server should run on it.
But now I'm on a course and I need WiFi and HDMI sound.
WiFi was no problem through this (https://bbs.minisforum.com/threads/solve-the-ubuntu16-04-upgrade-to-18-04-and-18-10-wifi-can-not-be-used .855 /) to solve.
I have a problem with the HDMI sound. I can't test Jack because I don't have headphones or speakers.
When I enter "aplay -D plughw: CARD = Audio, DEV = 2 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Left.wav" in the console, I can hear a sound from the HDMI device. But in Ubuntu Mate sound settings, specifically testing the speakers, there is no sound. I see both devices. I've worked through all the threads in this forum, but to no avail.
Does somebody still have an idea?
Greetings Steve
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