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U820 Display Port issue


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Good evening to the Forum,
unfortunately I am unlucky with minisforum minipcs. I returned to Amazon Italy the UM700 that I had purchased about a month ago, due to stability issues. Same thing happened with the X500 model. Now, with the U820, I have problems with the Dispaly Port: after about half an hour of use, the monitor turns on and off repeatedly, not letting me work. I tried using the HDMI port and it works perfectly. The monitor connected is an LG 32 4K model UN500.
I have always updated the video drivers. what could be the problem, in your opinion? Thank you very much for any possible solution. The fact that I can not use the Display Port, creates problems in the use of the product.
Thank you for your attention and cordial greetings.



Staff member
The DP port of the U820 has high requirements on the quality of the DP cable. It is recommended to try different DP cables.


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Dear Joey,

thank you for your reply.
I will try another DP cable, as in the package, there was no DP cable but the HDMI cable.
The cable used is the one in the package of the LG Monitor.

Thank you for your attention.

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