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U800 Mini PC 8th Gen Intel Core i3-8145U Failing. Need Warranty replacement info.


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Ordered this puppy 2 months plus a few days ago. For the last week, after a few hours use the screen goes black and there seems to be no response from the PC though the power light stays on. If I power down the unit via the power switch and power back up It comes back up (sometimes requiring the auto disk repair first. I an guessing caused by the dirty shutdown). Anyway, it will work fine for an hour to 3 hours and then abruptly go to black screen again.
I've used CUPID Hardware Monitor to check the CPU operating temps and they go up to 199 degrees Fahrenheit.
That's the only thing I can figure would cause this behavior. So unless some one can suggest a fix, I need to RMA this thing and get a KNOWN GOOD working unit.
Please take the time to carefully read and digest what I've written here so I don't have to repeat information already at hand.
Thank you for your kind attentions, HalinQuincy


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Hi, according to your description, i suggest you can reinstall the system to solve the disk repair problem. pls refer to as below the link to reinstall system.
for the cpu temperature issue,you can check what programs your computer runs after reinstall system,and keep the radiator ventilated.
So I guess I should have started out by mentioning that before I retired I was a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, so that you have some indication that I know of what I speak. As mentioned in my original post, the disk repair is undoubtedly caused by the dirty shut-down. The disk is repaired so a reinstall of the OS is totally useless, which unfortunately make you advice on that also useless.
As to the CPU temp, which is presumably the source of the black screen lockup:
The main use of this U800 is for streaming video via Firefox browser. the merchandising by your company clearly stated that this unit could run at full load for over 24 hours. It obviously isn't able to do that. The unit is out in the open on my desk with no obstructions of the vent areas. So Either your company has lied or I have a defective unit. If the company's marketing is a severe exaggeration I fully expect a means for receiving a full refund ASAP. If this is a defective unit I require a new (NOT REFURBISHED) replacement within 7 days from today.
It would be a mistake to delay or obfuscate or make any attempt to avoid the obvious remedies.


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Hi,@HalinQuincy. Thanks for your feedback.
First,i think too high temperature will cause black screen, but i do not know your device what programs runs,or your device have not run any program,and it is already up to 199 degrees.
second,for disk repair issue, the reinstall system can be repair disk issue,and new system can help you to judge the black screen issue.
so pls provide me more information


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Well, if I was speaking, I would say you are an abject failure at listening. Since you are reading I can only say you seem to have a severe deficit in comprehension. I WILL NOT repeat myself ad nauseam. I've been building and repairing computers for approx. 20 years. I'm intimately familiar with the disk repair routine and how it works. Just because I mentioned it as part of the behavior does not qualify it as "A problem that requires addressing"
I quite clearly said that the major use for this device is video streaming via Firefox. On rare occasion I use Word and an Email client. None of these should overload the cpu and cause overheating. Particularly since I'm only running one app at a time.
the problem only seems to happen when I'm streaming video to a 1080p monitor which shouldn't affect the temperature of the unit. If we were talking 4K to multiple monitors, possibly. But not the case here.
There are a few obvious potential problems that you don't seem cognizant of. 1) The fan assembly is simply not up to the task. 2) the fan assembly was not properly seated and or lacks thermal conductive between the CPU and the heat-sink.
If you continue to avoid resolving the issue with a replacement or a refund, you leave me with only one alternative. And, that is to trash Minisform as much as I can on as many venues as I can.
I'd prefer not to do this, but I don't have a problem doing it if you continue with this abject failure at appropriate customer service. Please respond with the correct information on processing a RMA or a refund.


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Sorry sir,
Please send the purchase link/Amazon order number/SN code (bottom of PC).

I have asked the customer service to contact you for return. If they do not contact you within 48 hours.

Please find Amazon sellers to support returns and exchanges.
Seller Support: Click the store name "XXX STORE"-click "Detailed Seller Information" in the upper left corner-customer service in the upper right corner.
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