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TPM 2.0


New Member
Is there a TPM 2.0 module on the DMAF5 ? Does someone know whats is the BIOS option to activate it ?
Thanks !


New Member
That is a good question. Hopefully TPM is integrated in the mobo and simply needs to be enabled in bios. I haven't checked personally but will report back if I find it.


New Member
I finally accessed and went through the BIOS menus yesterday night.. and I couldn't find it. (I was looking for something that says fTPM) Hopefully it will be enabled with a BIOS update!


KODLIX developer
Staff member
windows 11 only released a teaser message, but not yet officially released windows 11 version, I know that electronics enthusiasts are eager to experience the latest version of windows 11, because we have many product categories, DMAF5 work plan will be released on 2021/7/22 BIOS, support Windows 11 version, please stay tuned, thank you very much for your support!
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