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support Auto power on


New Member
My devices already have the WB-EC-276-V1.00 version, but they don't auto power on.
Does this mean that the auto boot EC has the same version number ?

Actually, my main issue with my users is that they always push the power button quickly and does not wait 3s in order to boot the device.
Is there a bios parameter to make the device boot on a single power button push?


KODLIX developer
Staff member
Do you download and update the EC? It's easy, it only takes a few minutes, and we provide video steps


New Member
We want our GK45 to auto power on when power is plugged-in.

I have a device which has WB-EC-276-V1.00 and when I unplug the power and re-plug the power, my device does not power on. Is there a BIOS setting I need to set? I have looked and not found a setting.

We received our GK45 about 2 weeks ago and I'm setting it up now.


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Serial number for my 1st GK45:


This is actually a really nice small computer. I'm very impressed so far how much can be placed into such a small unit. Wow.
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