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Suddenly black screen


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First of all, pardon my english, zich is not that good.
I bought this computer a few weeks ago. I tried it on Ubuntu, Manjaro KDE, Elementary os and pop os, but every time I get a strange black screen where sound disappear. Even my monitors goes into sleep mode.
Is there a solution for that? I bought it from amazon in France and overall I'm pretty fan of it.


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If it can help: I believe it could be because I need 5 to 6 usb port for my daily usage and I use a usb port that add more port to it. Do you guys believe it could be because at a random time my keyboard and mouse could use all the power usage of the computer? If so I could handle this


Staff member
In fact, due to power issues, I suggest you use an independent power supply for your USB expansion device.


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I always use a *powered* usb hub on mini PCs just to avoid any strain on the power supply and to ensure those usb devices get full power. So far no issues.
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