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Standby instead of monitor off


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I have configured the energy saving settings in a way that the computer shall be always on. That seems to work fine. Tried it for several days without any issues.
But as soon as I add the option to switch off the monitor after a few minutes, the computer always goes to standby and cannot be woken up by mouse or keyboard. Only pressing the power button will wake it up.
I searched through the energy savings settings as well as the BIOS settings, but I did not find any way to just deactivate the HDMI output instead of full standby.
Can this be achieved and if so, how?



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Hi Joey,

thanks for the reply. I am aware of how to wake the device from sleep mode. Thats not what I want to achieve.
I do want the device to only set the monitor to standby as long as nobody uses the device. But I do not want the device itself to go to sleep. It shall remain active i.e. for some server applications running in the background.
In the energy savings section Windows offers two options: 'Switch Off Screen' as well as 'Go to sleep'. You can set 'Never' or a couple of minutes. But both options - once set - will result in the device going to standby.
Thx for clarification.
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