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SSD is used as boot device after SSD is installed (For N34, N42, N42-D)


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Hi Hu
Thank you for your reply. You keep directing me towards your instructions which detail removing windows from the EMMC disc. I think I now see why…

I had hoped to keep the operating system on the 32 GB drive as a back up, but the problem I have is with Windows search.

I have spent a few days trying all the options I could find for window search problems with no success.

I now think it’s a problem to do with  indexing.

In the indexing options bit on Windows 10 I can’t get my C drive (where I have put all my documents) to appear in the first “locations being indexed” window. It does appear if I go to ‘modify’ and select the C drive (and deselect the D drive) ,  but it never appears back in that first window, just the D drive, and a usb hdd.

Before I format the D drive does this sound like a problem that will be fixed by reformatting the drive.

Thank you
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