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[Solved] Bad date and time, cannot fix. Change battery ?


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again, still the same problem. I changed battery for the 2nd time with a new one, I tried again with reset button, I changed also my monitor with a new one, using hdmi port instead of vga port. nothin changed. in a random way, date and time in the BIOS are not updated or stops. But all the other bios settings remain the same (so this is not a bios reset), only time and date stops (at the last shutdown value)! Anytime if it starts with correct time, may happen after few seconds of working that the seconds counting running stops...! I do not know what to do anymore....! In the past days I thinked that the problem was depending on Windows, but it is not so. something happened to the pc (waste cmos?) because for many months everything was ok, at a certain moment appeared this problem. And the cause is not the battery discharged. HEEEELLP !!!!!!


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I had this issue too and changed the battery twice but no solution. In the end I installed a time sync program called Dimension 4 from Thinking Man Software. This solved it - it can be configured to sync the time with the internet when Windows starts up and also at regular intervals, if you wish. Make sure “Once loaded, wait until online” is set and uncheck “Maximum correction” so that the clock will be corrected whatever the difference is. All runs smoothly now. Hurrah.


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