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Slow bootup after large Windows 10 update - solution


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If anyone, like me, has been puzzled by how bootup takes about 4 times longer than before after the large Windows 10 update (1089/1909 or something?), then I think I've found the reason why.
A feature, called fast startup, is actually slowing it down.
I think its purpose is a bit like hibernate, where it saves the state of the previous session to disk.
But when you use your machine for light work, like I do, it's a lot faster just to boot from scratch.
I guess it somehow got turned on when I updated. Now my machine boots up in about 30 secs rather than minutes.

Look at step 1:


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Is there a hot fix for the problem in Vista where copying a file from the CD/DVD is slow?This same CD/DVD works awesome in XP - but with Vista - its time to bake a cake and wait.


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The products of MinisForum do not support the installation of Windows Visa, thank you for your understanding.
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