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Secure Boot


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I was able to find and upgrade to the UEFI with TPM support but I cannot figure out how to set up secure boot in the DeskMini HM50. Is secure boot currently supported and if so how do I enable it in the UEFI? If it isn't supported, will it be with an update?


Dein Nickname lässt mich vermuten, dass du die deutsche Sprache sprichst. Mein Englisch ist nicht so prickelnd.

Ich habe für meinen UM700 das Bios-Update erfolgreich installieren können. Schaue ich mir das Bios an, so steht das Secure-Boot auf "disabled." Windows 11 wurde als Insider -Preview dennoch erfolgreich ohne Meckerei installiert. Auch den Kompatibilitätstest bestand das Gerät ohne aktiviertes Secure-Boot.
Als Halbwissender scheint es mir so, als reiche die vorhandene TPM-Technologie an sich schon aus, um den Win11-Kompabilitätstest zu bestehen. Zumindest bei mir habe ich das Secure-Boot nicht zusätzlich aktivieren müssen.

Besteht denn dein Gerät mit den BIOS-Einstellungen, wie sie jetzt sind, den Kompatibilitätstest?


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Sorry, not German but my browser translated fine. I am not looking to install Win 11 right now. Just looking for how to enable secure boot. I do not see settings in the UEFI to allow me to do so. I am not sure if they are just hidden somewhere and I am missing them. I don't usually have a problem finding it. I've probably enabled it on more motherboards than I can count on two hands. I just can't find it here. I have an HM50 with a UEFI build date of 06/02/2021


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Hi, I received my HM50 there are 2 weeks ago, the Bios is "American Megatrends Inc. 5.16 19/03/2021", and the same as Manfred, in the BIOS there is nothing to find the TPM2. Only the UEFI name, and nothing else ... When I start the utility to detect TPM2, it can not be found ?? In one of your computer items, you provide a Windows 11 compatible MINIPC list, whose HM50 is listed as Windows 11 compatible. Is it really, or will it be when Windows 11 will come out, by an BIOS update ?? Thank you for your answer. Best regards. Sorry il my english is not very good.

The Bunny

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Same question, I have an HM80. No secure boot option evident. Not really needing it for win11, I'd just like to have advanced windows device security and that's one of the requirements. I'm also looking for an updated bios, but I seem to be limited here on what I can look at. Clicking the 'downloads' button doesn't do anything.
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