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S40/S41 Optimize Bluetooth transmission performance


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This operation is mainly to enhance the performance of Bluetooth long-distance transmission by adjusting the position of Bluetooth antenna. After adjustment, it can transmit stably within 5 meters

1)Use a tool to pry open the gap along the edge as shown in the figure below

2) Along the edge of the pry, gently pry around


3) After opening the cover, as shown in the figure


4)As shown in the figure below, you need to gently tear off the Bluetooth antenna with sponge adhesive paper


5) Paste in the red box in the figure below


6) After bonding, put the cover back to its original position, and then press it gently to install the cover


7)After done, you can open the bluetooth function to test the signal


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Thanks a lot for this information.
1. BTW would it be possible to upgrade the eMMC to 128GB?
2. And what are the speeds like with the Micro SD card slot?


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I have a question about the power needs for the S41. I saw from the specs and the power adapter that it needs a 5V/3A input. I am using a 60W Power Bank which is also capable of 5V/3A output. But it doesn’t seem to power the S41 properly. It boots up and then half way just hangs. What are the power needs for the S41 if I need to power it via a powerbank?


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BTW, I managed to use the uGreen 18W Power Bank to power the S41. It support 5V/3A output and works quite well. Makes the S41 more portable this way.
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