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Review about GK45 4GB + What he cans do !


New Member
Hello, I recently bought this MINI PC.
GK45 / 4GB / 64GB SSD eMMC (Remplaced by 256GO SSD)
I was extremely suprised about performance for -200$
I can launch :
PhotoShop (Up 4K Pic Reso)
Sony Vegas Pro
Can Read 4K HDR 10bit REMUX Movie (VIA MPC PLAYER) / Youtube via Chrome too
Can USE Geforce NOW for Gaming.
Word and the others softwares from Microsoft.
About noise, It very silencer
It's a good little PC !
if Minisforum had added more RAM and SSD 2280 was compatible NVME up 1TB. It would be the best MiniPC.
Hope this mini review cans help in your decision to buy.
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