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Reinstall Windows - HM80


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When uninstalling software, by mistake, delete files and logs from Windows, in the end I tried to recover it but installed the windows on drive d: where I have an HDD.
I urgently need to have the original Windows on C drive and the windows on drive D: erase it, format that HDD.
I will appreciate it if you tell me how to reinstall Windows on drive C: in such a way that I can format my drive D:
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C: your nvme and D: is your hdd?

You can change your boot drive and boot from D:?

if you can the simple way is to clone d: to c: and then change the boot to sequence to boot from c:

I did a similar thing when upgrading my nvme. The win10 boot USB didn’t work for me so I cloned c: to HDD swapped the nvme over and then cloned HDD back to the NVME.

when cloning you need to keep the system partition at the start of the hdd and your data partition. The 100mb empty partition and recovery partition I ditched and extended the data partition.

Make triple sure you don’t scrub your working HHD.
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