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Random black screen again and again


New Member
Guys, I can't give my computer back to amazon and I can't afford buying another one. I get random black screen when I oppen new app like libreoffice, firefox, or appcenter in elementary os. I tried to use it on XFCE Manjaro, Ubuntu, Pop os and every time I get this strange bug when the ventilator getting louder, the screen goes black and I have to turn the computer off on the button.
The computer is flat on my desk, 4cm away from anything. It looks like itś a bit hot but I'm not a pro. Do you guys have any idea?
I've seen on another thread that it may be the thermal paste and it's maybe my last chance, college start in two weeks...
Thanks in advance



Staff member
According to your description, it is likely that the fan heat sink is not in full contact with the CPU or the silicone grease is insufficient, so that the heat dissipation is uneven. You can try to disassemble the machine to check, or you can refer to the picture to debug the bios fan parameters, hope this information is helpful to you.
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