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Please help! RAM not reaching max speed on my B550?


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just got my B550 (5700g barebone), and installed RAM and NVME.
RAM ist a kit of 2x 8GB Crucial Ballistic with 3200MHz 16cl, 1.35v.
THe B550 was advertised to reach max. 3200MHz on RAM, but it does not. Its only 2667MHz.

What is going on? What can I do to reach the max?

Please help.

Carbon fib'er

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How are you seeing the speed reported? If it's a measurement tool, I wonder if your Crucial ram is single rank? Crucial used to be higher-end, but seems to have become consumer grade. They rarely mention rank anymore. AMD cpus reportedly benefit a lot from dual rank. From what I've read, the difference could account for that much difference in speed. Also, where did you buy it? I think there's a lot of counterfeit Crucial sellers out there. It's just a sticker anyone could print and affix to any stick of memory.


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It was a measurement tool. But I guess it is single rank (it was only 70Euro for a 2x 8GB kit. This is the kit: https://geizhals.at/crucial-ballistix-so-dimm-kit-16gb-bl2k8g32c16s4b-a2222922.html?hloc=at
The real and so advertised dual ranks that come near its CAS latency are double the price.
So you mean, cause its maybe single rank, it does not reach the 3200MHz on its own? How come? Or is it just the minipc that does not reach the speed without xmp?
Btw I didnt find any XMP profile in BIOS. Is there any?
I am very disappointed atmCapture.JPG.

Carbon fib'er

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I am very disappointed atm
Sorry. I may have gone down the wrong path (thinking out loud). Toaro's post sounds like you may have the wrong memory, and it's downshifting to work at a slower speed. I'm sure someone can tell you what memory to have.


Looks like it's using the non-XMP profiles, which top out at 1333@1.2v. The rank isn't what is limiting the speed, that just influences how efficiently the CPU can use the memory at the rated speed. I'd probably return it and look for something that hits your desired speed at 1.2v.
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