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Pianobar remote app for Android phones and Pandora


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OK-this app is old and I've been taking it off my phones since Android 4.4.2 KitKat but it still works in Android N 7.1.2 but isn't in the Google Play Store anymore.  It doesn't conflict with any of my apps...but no guarantees that it won't for u.

I didn't make this app.  The author used to have a webpage for this that is no more. 
I sent him a message on the RPI board and he told me his site is now HERE but there are broken links.  Here's the app:


What this app does is makes your Android phone into a networked GUI front-end for pianobar which plays Pandora Internet Radio and I've detailed how to set that up in this thread.  Here's a nice screenshot from my phone:


So, to use this app u need to enable unknown sources on your phone to install it in your system settings>security.  Here's another screenshot:


Now it should be on your phone, but pianobar needs some more work.  Open a terminal and goto ~/.config/pianobar.  Put this file


make this file executable:

chmod +x eventcommand.sh

One more file has to be made. 

mkfifo ~/.config/pianobar/ctl

Now ls -l should show this:
-rw-rw-r-- 1 tux tux   149 Feb  5 20:38 config
prw-rw-r-- 1 tux tux     0 Feb  6 11:16 ctl
-rwxrwxr-x 1 tux tux  2442 Aug  3  2017 eventcommand.sh
Now change ~/.config/pianobar/config so that it looks like this (change what's in caps):

password = PASSWORD
event_command = /home/USER/.config/pianobar/eventcommand.sh

Run pianobar to make sure it starts and gets the album artwork.  Press q to stop.


Now pianobar remote has to be configured to connect using ssh which needs to be setup on you Apollo Lake PC with this:

sudo apt-get install openssh-server
Now u need to put your login information from you PC to your phone.  Find out you PC ip address:

If u are using WiFi then it will be the 4 sets of #s under wlp2s0.  If wired then under enp1s0.  Mine is

Last thing is to configure the pianobar remote app to know how to connect to your PC.  Tap on the dots in the upper right corner of the app and then pick add new server.  Fill in this form.  Server name is something u like.  I used Apollo Lake PC.  Host/IP address is that...mine is  Username and Password are what's on your computer.  Port is 22.

Tap Save.  Now u should have an entry for Apollo Lake PC and when u tap on it, it should connect.

Hope it works for u!


EDIT: evencommand.sh file updated


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The search icon doesn't do anything now in Android Nougat 7.1.2-it used to search the web for where u could buy the song.  I guess it isn't fully compatible with Android 7 but I think it still fully worked in Android 6.

I also found that app can lock up on u if the eventcommand.sh file gets swapped out for another version.  If that happens, move the config and eventcommand.sh files to another directory and delete everything else in the pianobar directory.  Move those files back to the pianobar directory and make the ctl file.  Run pianobar on your computer.  Stop it and then start it from your phone.  Should be all fixed.

Also, the virus scanner on my phone always complains that the "install from unknown sources" is dangerous.  I unticked that box when I was done and then the virus scanner was happy again. :rolleyes:

Something else just to be aware of-I found this out from years of using it. That app takes forever to close if u don't hit the close the app button in top right corner when done. If u leave your network and that app is still going it keeps looking for the music stream for a couple minutes before it gives up. That can be a pain if u take out your phone to start pianobar remote and it's busy for a couple minutes!!

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