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Option to enable Secure boot missing in BIOS


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I'm evaluating the XZ-Z8350 as a platform for a future embedded product and have gotten blocked by the inability to turn on secure boot in "BIOS".
The CPU specs do state that secure boot is supported.
The current version which came with the device is 2.17.1249
It doesn't offer the setting to turn secure boot on and off (this is how I've usually seen it implemented on other boards).

"Enabling secure boot" is a bit of an overloaded term here is what I mean by it:
Once Secure boot is enabled the ROM Firmware will only run the efi application which have been signed.

Usually the ROM has two keys embedded:
  • Microsoft Windows Production PCA 2011 - for Microsoft products
  • Microsoft Corporation UEFI CA 2011 - for non Microsoft products i.e. to verify the bootloader "shim" which provides means to run Linux in secure boot
Does anyone know something about the possibility of secure boot on the XZ-Z8350?
Is it possible to update BIOS to expose the option?


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in my bios there is an option about secure boot, but i didn't touch it, so no idea if it works or not
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