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Non responding device, no blue power light


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Recently had a problem with my Z83-F. It just stopped responding and refused to accept any inputs from mouse and keyboard. Tried to reboot by unplugging then reapplying power. No response, it was dead, no blue power light although there was 5Volts on the USB connectors. Strange. So decided to have a look inside. Used the beginning of this YouTube video to figure out how to dismantle,
Once inside nothing obvious, like overheating or anything. Don’t know why but I decided to measure the voltage of the Cmos battery. It was about 2.5volts. Obviously low, normally should expect about 3.2V. So decided to change it as I had nothing else I could do. Although I had a new 2032 cell it was not the type with solder tags on it so I used this YouTube video
to connect up the new battery. I just used some adhesive lined heat shrink with some small insulated wires and then soldered these wires onto the existing wires.

To my great surprise when I plugged everything in the blue power came on and the computer booted up. No loss of settings or anything. I plan on buying a proper tagged cell when I can and doing a slightly better job, but very happy with the result so far. SWMBO thinks I am a genius.
Would be interesting to know if this design uses more Cmos battery power than normal, as in my experience the cell should last several years. I have had this one for only about 18months. Maybe the cell was of poor quality to start with. Also maybe someone has a link to a replacement battery with the correct plug fitted for those who cannot, or don't want to, solder.
Hope this may help someone else.
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