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no sound it was working after the BIOS update.


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I have update my BIOS now I'm not getting no sounds. I have try reinstalling the audio still no sound. im useing HDMI.


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Something strange happens to me on AF5PN01 BIOS for UM700. In BIOS the settings Advanced/AMD CBS/NBIO Common Options/Audio IOs i switched to Auto and my sound is also gone, maybe some issues with the BIOS itself?


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I also have a UM700 and a updated BIOS.
Have a look into your BIOS, check if the security--funktion "secure boot" is enabled.
Turn it off tentatively and test your sound.
My UM700-Sound works only with disabled "secure boot".
By the way, my Win11-Insider-Preview also works with disabled secure boot.


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The sound work with enabled secure boot option for me, only if i switched the mode to Auto the sound disappear. Maybe it enabled HDMI only output without a supported endpoint, tomorrow i switched it to my home Cinema to check it.

Also the microphone input doesn't work with my Sennheiser headset.

Are you running the dev or beta channel on the UM700?


I have not testet the sound for a while with enabled secure boot. Secure boot is still deactivated and the sound works fine. (usb and realtek sound manager) I do not have a microphone.

I'm windows insider / dev. channel/ 22454.100 rs_prerelease. Everything runs well. The installation was done from a boot-stick without secure boot enabled.


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I stay in the beta channel with 22000.184 as windows insider because I use this as daily driver in my Office, so far so well.

Today I checked the Input with my Marshall Headset also no Input from the Microphone, haven't switched the Mini to my Home Cinema till now, but it's not a faulty headset, cause both work on other systems.


The Driver was faulty, switched to Realtek 6.0.9205.1, and it worked like before with the microphone.
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