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No Headset sound on Ubuntu 20.04


New Member
I just did a clean install of Ubuntu 20.04 and afterwards I cannot get the headset jack to work.

The system, Settings, Sound shows only HDMI Built in and Speakers Built-in. The Speaker Built In, if selected, seems to do nothing.

If I install and run Pulse Audio Volume, headset shows up but says "unplugged". pacmd list-sinks shows a "audio-headphones" but shows available: no

I have tried two different headsets, both known to work on other devices.

This was sold as supporting linux -- should it work on Ubuntu 20.04?



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New Member
I have managed with a variety of hoop jumping to occasionally get audio in the headset jack. Basically running pulse audio volume control and alsamixer (with an appropriate -c, usually 1), turning off auto mute, forcing the volume up.... once in a while it will then work, but almost anything resets it - reboots, login, etc. And it is not repeatable, sometimes I can get audio, most times not.

I do not think this is a hardware issue (as in broken), but I think it is some sort of driver/configuration issue, that the Intel audio ports are not being properly recognized and handled by Ubuntu 20.04 out of the box. I've also tried looking at the Additional Drivers in Ubuntu without it finding anything needed.

Lots of time with google and I find many reports of issues resulting in "dummy" sound devices -- I am not having that issue.

HDMI Audio works, by the way, but is not a viable option for me (this is for an embedded system inside a piano -- the HDMI display is outside, and I do not want to run a separate wire back into the inside). I need the actual jack to work.

By the way, I have an old Z3 board from you guys that works fine (though audio there is Broadcom). It's just too slow, which is why I bought the new one. It's ironic that the badly supported broadcom version works, but the widely supported Intel does not.

I would appreciate any advice.


New Member
Perhaps I stand corrected, I've now tried everything again and no sound from the headset jack with any changes or workarounds I have found, tried sequentially.

I think it's time to erase and send back to Amazon; setting to auto-boot on power failure requires windows, sound output (there's only a headphone jack, no line out) doesn't work. Not exactly good linux support.


Most likely it must be the jack issue or the connector issue.
There are 2 types of 3.5mm jack but in both cases it should at least detect the plug when inserted, if it is not able to detect the plug then either the driver is the issue or the hardware the hardware is defective.


New Member
> if it is not able to detect the plug then either the driver is the issue or the hardware the hardware is defective.

I agree. I was hoping I needed a driver (or driver configuration) change but I do not know enough to tell which is at fault.


> if it is not able to detect the plug then either the driver is the issue or the hardware the hardware is defective.

I agree. I was hoping I needed a driver (or driver configuration) change but I do not know enough to tell which is at fault.
The best is to boot into windows and test it out.
I just found out a way for you to boot into windows over a usb stick this way you can install firmware as well as test audio jack.

Firmware will be at your own risk as I've never tested firmware update over windows running on usb stick.

This is something people use to run windows over usb stick normally used to reset password and scan for virus etc.

Ive never tried this but I plan to try this on my development intel sbc board.

Good luck.


Staff member
Thanks for your share.@spikerguy I am testing this problem. Under windows, it works perfectly


Staff member
Hi @Linwood ,
According to your description, I have tested this problem.
This problem is a common problem of Ubuntu, the following is the solution.
1)Open the terminal and enter: sudo apt-get install pavucontrol .
2)After the installation is complete, enter on the command line: pavucontrol
I set it as follows, you can try more settings


New Member
@joey, thank you, and for your email, but if you will read my very first posting I said I tried Pulse Audio Volume Control (i.e. pavucontrol) and it just says "unplugged" and does not provide sound. Even in your screen shots it says "unplugged"; did you actually get sound? I do not.

@spikerguy, thanks. I think the answer is to return it. If I took the time to install windows and it worked, it implies the issue is lack of linux support; if it does not work then it is broken. Both yield the same result for me. I have now spent days, almost a week, trying to get this to work without success. I will seek out a system more confirmed to work under current linux distributions. I had hoped when I wrote support directly (separately from this) they would have an answer, but it was simply the first thing I already tried (and already said I tried).


Staff member
@Linwood Just like the setting of my picture, I can hear the sound output from the earphone. I don't know how you do it. Can you provide me with more information?


New Member
Hi guys,
I had actually the same problem with Kubuntu 20.04, Mint 19.3 and in elementary OS. I also tried all the suggestions mentioned
above- with no luck. My workaround is as follows. The HDMI port from the U700 is connected to the HDMI port of my AOC Monitor
My Bose Loudspeakers are connected to the mini Headphone Jack of my AOC Monitor. My Headphones I only use with Bluetooth.
I didn't find any other way to work. Sorry for my English, I am no native speaker :) BTW. Everything works fine in Windows 10 Pro!


Staff member
Hi @Shaka Thanks for your share. In fact ,i have tested it. According to the above settings, the sound can be output from the headphones. If not, you can take a screenshot and tell me, I will help you


New Member
i bought a U700 yesterday and have the exact same problem as the OP, but with Linux Mint 20. The settings shown in these screenshots work for me, but only until i log out or reboot. The next time i log in (tested several times with Cinnamon and Mate), i have to go set these again in order to get sound.

This is a show-stopper problem for me, as HDMI audio output is not an option for my setup, and reconfiguring the sound system after every login is a painful and depressing workaround long-term. Much to my dismay, after spending 6+ hours trying to resolve this, i really have no option other than to return the U700. It's been about 15 years since i've had any audio device detection/configuration problems on Linux, so this really surprises me.
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