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Need a COM port on my N33 fan less computer

Ralph K1KOB

New Member
I am running Windows 10 Pro on a N33. I'm using this in my Ham Radio shack (K1KOB). I've loaded a special driver from ICOM to be able to run my ICOM IC-7300 transceiver with a program MixW4. Everything works, but I need another COM port to key the transceiver. When I go to device manager, it only shows the ICOM driver and it is on COM3. A screen shot is attached showing the device manager screen. Why doesn't Win 10 Pro and the N33 have any COM ports on it's own ? Why doesn't it show a COM1 ? Please help me find and turn on another COM port.

Thanks in advance,

Ralph K1KOB k1kob@att.net


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