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N33 AUTO POWER ON for new N33


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Do I need to install the "N33 AUTO POWER ON" or it already installed?
I have purchased the N33 PC, just came on 08/11/2020.

Thank you


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I used linux instead of windows to prepare the bootable usb drive, here is what I did. But I got an error

Please Check IO port 6266 first!!!

Any ideas what that means?


# Download and unpack the update files
wget http://download1515.mediafire.com/hs4zm4mq90og/ov53ogs5v5foj0q/N33+auto+power+on.rar
mkdir N33-auto-power-on
cd N33-auto-power-on/
unrar x ../N33+auto+power+on.rar

# Find the USB drive device, mine was /dev/sda
sudo fdisk -l

# Format as NTFS and set the volume name to WINPE
sudo mkfs.ntfs -L WINPE /dev/sda1

# Mount the usb drive and copy the files to it
sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media
cp -r . /media/.
sudo umount /media

# Reboot (Hold down F7 when you see the MiniForums logo)
sudo reboot

Pick to boot from usb drive.
Look at the screen for a line like:
blk1 :Removable HardDisk - Alias hd21b0b fs1

For the commands below, tab-completion is helpful.

Type the Alias at the end of the line followed by :, i.e. fs1: or fs3:
Shell> fs1:

fs1:\> type FEC64.NSH
eFuitX64 /u K8B_ECO911-autopoweron.bin /faildelay
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