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MythTV frontend


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Guess what?  It's possible to use the N42 Apollo Lake mini pc as a TV frontend for a PVR.  I've been using Mythbuntu for years and love it-my tower computer acts as the backend for the entire system and has 2 tuner cards, a decent sized hard drive, and runs an HD antenna from the windowsill to capture free over the air TV.  I time record shows and then watch them commercial free at my leisure.  The entire setup is then wired to my home router. This could also be used with cable but they usually offer some kind of DVR service anymore.  I then have different smaller computers with built in WiFi and they can view anything that the backend computer records (live TV or pre-recorded shows).

It doesn't require much power for the frontend pc.  I did all this in XUbuntu 16.04.5 and then use synaptic to get the needed mythtv packages.  I installed mythtv-frontend and mythtv--control-centre which then wants u to take the mythbuntu ppa for future updates-do it!  The only sticking point is the audio-it gets muted by default.  Test the speakers in the audio settings and then it finds it after that.

All the settings need to be done first on the backend computer.  In the backend configure it with the right IP address, IPv6 address and make the pin code 0000.  Then your frontend should automatically find it if on the same network.  If u see a page telling u to set up your country, then mythfrontend did not find mythbackend and u need to configure the backend computer settings.

Here's more to read if u don't have a home media center going yet:


And here is another thread I started with the XUbuntu 16.04.5 iso file:


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