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My U700 doesn't run in RAM Dual Channel mode


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now I am having a serious issue! I cannot run the U700 in RAM Dual Channel Mode.

Today I bought a 8 GB CORSAIR Ram module with the same specs as the Kingston Ram that came shipped with the PC (DDR3L, 1600MHz 204pins etc.) to upgrade to 16GB RAM. After installing the second module and restarting the PC it worked for about 2 minutes and then the PC crashes and the computer is restarting.

OK, I thought, maybe the module has a defect- But to rule that out, I took out the original Kingston Ram and just left the new Corsair Ram working in single channel mode in the same Slot where it crashed before.... And guess what.... It works flawless- no Problems what so ever.

Then I took the same Corsair Ram and put it in the other free Ram Slot, where the Kingston Ram was before and booted the system... No Problem, everything works fine!

OK, The Corsair Ram is Good.

So maybe the Kingston Ram doesn't like to run in Dual channel Mode with the Corsair Ram? So I bought a second identical Corsair Ram.

And guess what... the new Corsair Module runs perfect in Single channel Mode in both slots ! ... BUT as soon as I add an additional Ram Module in the other free Ram Slot... The PC CRASHES!

I also tried all the above mentioned with SAMSUNG Ram with the same specs as the Kingston Ram that came shipped with the PC.

Same problem, Single channel works - DUAL CHANNEL CRASHES !

What now ??? HELP IS NEEDED !

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As I already explained above, I tried 2 identical corsair modules for dual channel with the same specs as the Kingston module and also tried 2 identical samsung modules in dual channel mode with same specs, but pc crashes!
Just to be clear, single channel is working. But dual channel doesn't work, even if I use 2 same brands modules!
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Hi @Shaka The picture below shows the three sets of memory modules I tested. The dual channels are of the same brand and model, and they all work perfectly.If you want to add a memory stick, maybe you can also refer to the following picture
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