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My review on the MiniForum X400 AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G


Here is my review of the Minisforum X400 4750G Mini PC.

I have been one of the many who have posted on here specifically about the X400 Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G. I was one of the many who purchased it during April of 2021 where Minisforum had delays in shipping and finally received it a couple months later and my tracking number never even updated past China mail. So I just received it one day unexpectedly and was overall excited to plug it up and start testing and setting it up as a server that would serve as a combination of desktop remote connections, a Plex server, dedicated game server and more. I was not planning to use this as a gamming computer for obvious reasons, which I will get into.

So let us get into my review.

1. Firstly, the computer booted up as expected. The CPU is the fastest in its class as an APU AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G processor. If one ignores the Vega 8 built-in graphics card, the CPU is excellent as a workstation, server and really anything that does not require more than beginner graphics processing power.

2. This X400 was to replace my Intel NUC with an Intel i5 processor that was over 10 years old. It is definitely an upgrade in CPU power. The chassis is a little bit bigger than the NUC. However, I prefer to stick with the mini PC’s as they are extremely versatile with being able to place almost anywhere and uses very little electricity.

3. Unfortunately, at the time of purchase, the X400 Pro 4750G did not have a bare bone option so I was forced to purchase one with RAM and SSD. So I opted for the 16GB RAM and NVMe 512GB. After taking the mini pc apart I found both the RAM and NVMe to be proprietary Kingston products. Meaning they were specifically designed for the company Minisforum because their model numbers turn up practically nothing on the internet. For reference, the Kingston NVMe model is OM8PCP3512F-A02 and the Kingston RAM model is CBD32D4S2S1ME-8. I also found out that the Kingston dashboard does not work with the NVMe provided by MiniForum. Basically, there is no information about this RAM or NVMe and doesn’t even show up on Kingston’s website. So there isn’t a way to lookup the specs on these devices as well as there isn’t a way to lookup the price on them. Overall, it is a bit fishy and in all the computers I’ve purchased over the years I’ve never seen this before.

4. The BIOS is basically stripped down to the bare minimum. It is a very locked down BIOS and many have expressed their displeasure about this on the Minisofurm’s forum. The main missing BIOS options/features/support are the following…

A. Does not support legacy devices. The plugged in device MUST have a bootable UEFI partition on it or the BIOS simply will not show it as being connected. Even the cheapest of boards show any device connected to it. After asking Miniforum support they stated the devs have removed it because users could accidentally change boot devices and make the computer un-bootable. Okay…

B. Simple tech information like fan speed and temp read-outs are hidden.

C. No way to custom control video memory and it was stuck at 512MB. This makes some games unable to run. After a lot of pressure from customers, MiniForums released a firmware update to 2GB but still no way to customize it.

D. The BIOS is terrible looking. The interface looks like you’re looking at a Windows XP machine’s BIOS. It is completely legacy looking, does not have mouse control and no advanced graphical interface. The BIOS only supports the connection of UEFI devices yet it does not have a custom skinned interface.

E. There is no fan profiles to set.

There are more but the above of the most popular that are missing from the BIOS.

5. I decided to clone my NUC SSD to the MiniForum Kingston NVMe. Cloning went fine but the SSD had windows 10 installed via legacy MRI and not UEFI GPT. And since the MiniForum BIOS doesn’t support legacy it wouldn’t recognize it. I’ve just never heard of a motherboard that doesn’t support legacy hardware. So I had to go through extreme measures to convert the cloned MRI partition to GPT and load UEFI onto it. Trust me it was not easy and took several hours to understand and then perform. With the help from the people over at www.tenforums.com I was able to succeed. Computer booted up fine.

Over several weeks, I noticed after a couple of days of leaving the MiniForum pc on, it would bluescreen. It took me over 2 months to diagnose thinking it was a software compatibility issue with going from Intel drivers to AMD drivers with the clone. In the end, it ended up being that the Kingston NVMe was faulty and under certain stress would just not read/write, would lock up and the computer would BSOD. I ran so many tests on the NVMe and everything passed which was very odd. So I purchased a Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVMe Gen4, cloned from the Kingston NVMe to the Samsung and tested. The MiniForum PC has been running for almost 40 days non-stop with no problems. Therefore, in the end MiniForum sent me a faulty NVMe. I also ended up replacing the Kingstom RAM with Kingston Fury 2x32GB RAM. Ultimately, the RAM and NVMe that came from MiniForum is trash and I highly recommend purchasing bare bone if at all possible. With the Kingston NVMe I was getting inconsistent speeds of around 950mb/s read to 1985mb/s read and 725mb/s write to 935mb/s write while the computer was idle. When testing with the Samsung 980 Pro I am getting a solid consistent speeds of around 3490mb/s read and 3260mb/s write with Crystal Disk Mark. Clearly the Kingston NVMe that MiniForum provides is utter trash and probably cost them $5 to make. Not to mention I received a faulty one to begin with.

6. Customer service with MiniForum is pretty terrible. If I can ever get a hold of them either via Skype, email, website chat or forum, they all seem to use very broken English like they are using Google translate. I understand MiniForum originates from China but the language barrier is very real. And when asking questions on the MiniForum website the responses received from forum support is just confusing and sometimes won’t even answer the question at hand.

7. There are also several youtube streamers like “The Tech Buyer’s Guru”, “Gamers Nexus” and “Der Bauer” that DO NOT recommend buying anything from MiniForum because of their false claims about carbon fiber chassis and liquid metal being sprayed all over the inside of the chassis or not even having liquid metal on their CPU but instead just normal thermal paste. So basically false advertisement which poses questions of trust.

8. BIOS doesn’t support overclocking of any kind. Does not support XML profiles.

9. No USB-C ports.

10. Will not play newer or even semi old AAA games even on lowest settings on 1080p expecting more than 30FPS on average. If you plan to play competitive at all you will need at least average 1080p 60FPS but preferably 2K 60FPS.

In conclusion.

Specifically the X400 Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G is extremely overpriced if you purchase with RAM and storage especially since I have proven that the NVMe I received was faulty and utterly slow in performance and the RAM is just terrible with its high CL. You would be much better off buying bare bone and buying your own RAM and NVMe if possible. It will save you a lot of money and headache. If you go bare bone and can look past the ugly, limited and locked down BIOS the mini pc is not bad but it is in no way a gaming machine as advertised. Do not buy this computer if you plan to game on it because it will absolutely not play higher end AAA games even on the lowest graphic settings at sufficient frames for playing competitive. I ended up spending over $1,200 for the X400 Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G because I was forced to buy terrible RAM and a faulty NVMe that I replaced with non-proprietary and name brand. It was just a waste of money. I spent $950 on the X400 and they could have at least thrown in a decent NVMe.

Here are the bench tests of the included Kingston RAM and NVMe. As you can see the READ is okay but has a lot of room to grow. It should be reaching over 3000mb/s. The write speed is just terrible.

Clearly shows that the NVMe is under performing by a long shot. Either due to it being faulty or its just a crummy NVMe.
RAM is nothing special.
Below are the benchmarks of the new RAM and NVMe. Unfortunately the X400 does not support Gen4 NVMe speeds. It only supports Gen3 speeds. Otherwise the read/write speeds would be much higher.

Unfortunately the X400 does not support Gen4 NVMe speeds. It only supports Gen3 speeds. Otherwise the read/write speeds would be much higher.
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Same exp. here. Only had Problems with the machine. To replace it I had to send it back to Hong Kong which has had cost another 80USD. In the meantime I needed a working machine, so I bought a barebone and 5700. Since I got the replacement I onhly use my own build system.

At least they replaced it and the new machine seems to have other probably better Hardware in it. But there is no trust left in this device, even though I really liked the idea and form factor.

Also saw the lack of competence and help in the Forum.

Never Again.
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