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Minisforum N36, 2020 keeps dropping wifi


New Member
Minisforum n36, buy june 2020, win 10 keep reseting wifi connection every few sec in autoconnection mode. If auto is off, just dropping connection. Happens with any router. Clean windows install made through win control panel. Intel wifi card on the board? Where get specific drivers?


Staff member
Please press and hold the reset hole for 5-10 seconds, and then see if it is successfully repaired.


New Member
1. Windows upgraded through Microsoft site
2. Drivers upgraded through Intel site
3. Comp and router restarted few times
WiFi extremely slow and dropping connections
4. Driver reverted to the old one - no change.
Ethernet to Netgear router working fine, other comps working on WIFI also fine.
Will try to change router, but looks like a bug in the Minisforum N39 system.
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