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Minimizing Power use in the GN31 (J3710)


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I am using the GN31 as a media and file server and am more interested in low power consumption than performance for this application. The box is on 24x7. I have installed a 5 watt 1T byte SATA HDD for additional storage.

I have configured the system as described below with low power in mind, but if anyone has any further suggestions, I’d appreciate it.

In Window’s power options the display is turned off and disks go into standby after 10/20 minutes. USB selective suspend is enabled. Graphics are configured for maximum battery life. PCI express (not sure if the GN31 has this) is set to max power savings. Minimum processor state is set to 5% and the system cooling policy is Passive.

Since I do not use them, I have disabled WIFI and BT. I unplug the keyboard/mouse when not in use.

Finally, in the BIOS under “CPU Configuration”, I have set the TDP Unlocker to 6 watts, but am curious whether “Auto” would be a better choice. I have not disabled Speedstep (EIST) or made any changes to “Thermal Configuration”

I do note that the fan on the GN31 is on all the time, even though the case is cool. Is there a way to cycle that based CPU temperature?

Sushi Panic

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Great idea. I hope you get further suggestions from Miniforum's support.

Do have a killawatt and can measure power consumption before and after tuning? Please report back.


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I hooked up a volt and amp meter with a modified power cord to measure power consumption and experiment a bit. I found that the configuration changes I made didn't make much of a difference. I think fan cycling would, so if anyone knows if that can be done, please let me know, and I will confirm.

The good news is that the GN31 with a 2.5" HDD in the SATA bay uses about 9 watts when the HDD is active and 7 watts when the disk is in standby. Enabling or disabling blue tooth and WIFI made no appreciable difference. Nor did the BIOS setting for "TDP Unlocker"- whether at Auto, 6 or 9 watts, the actual consumption was the same. I assume the system puts the processor in the lowest state needed for the current load and I did not experiment with taxing the CPU since that is not how I am using it.

The highest power consumption I observed was about 14 watts and occurred for a brief time during startup. Presumably the CPU is busy loading the OS and all the services.

In standby, the consumption was 0.4 watts and when off but plugged in it was 0.25 watts

The above measurements were made when the keyboard and mouse were unplugged. They are pretty old and consume about a watt.
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