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Legacy Boot not working?


New Member
Hello, I have been trying many times to boot Linux with legacy mode for some time now. I see that it works with UEFI, but not legacy. I've tested my methods on other computers and they work just fine. I find it quite concerning that I turn off UEFI boot mode and even disabled all the UEFI boot options, but when Legacy fails to boot, it somehow automatically boots a UEFI loader. I do NOT want to boot something i explicitly disabled. It looks like it is not willing to boot Legacy for some odd reason despite the fact its an "option". Has anyone had an experience with this? Is there a way to unlock the bios' more advanced features?



KODLIX developer
Staff member
N3450/4200 for Apollo Lake; only supports windows10, does not support earlier versions of Windows 7 ..., so the BIOS only supports UEFI mode and does not have settings legacy mode


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Okay thank you. Would have been nice to know this ahead of time though. Do you have any BIOS images with more settings unlocked or is there a way to unlock it myself?
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