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Kingston SSD Manager and UM-700


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Kingston SSD Manager and UM-700

Hi, I installed the Kingston SSD Manager application on the new MiniPC MinisForum UM-700 with fresh Windows 10 (in the first step, version 1.5.1, and then
In both cases, incorrect operation of this program was observed (the program was launched with administrator rights). This was expressed in the fact that the program starts, but all the tabs "Firmware", "Operations", "Health", "Security" remain empty. Some information is displayed only in the "Events" tab. The situation turns out to be strange, since MiniPC MinisForum UM-700 is equipped with NVMe KINGSTON OM8PCP35-A02.

What's the matter, how to solve the problem?


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This is an SSD customized by Minisforum and Kingston. Kingston’s management software is currently unavailable.
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