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Internet keeps disconnecting intermittently


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I am having intermittent issues with my Internet connection.

I am using the UM300 Ryzen 3300U, and tested 3 different sources to connect to the Internet :
-On-board wifi (basically useless, range is too short)
-TP Link Wifi USB adapter (works decently)
-TP Link Powerline adapter (works best but not flawless)

My issue is, every single day I've had this unit, multiple times a day, my Internet connection drops, for about a minute or so.
I've tried using both Ethernet ports, it didn't work. I've tried using the USB adapter on different USB ports, same results.
My point here being, the drop happens with all 3 different ways of connecting.

My router is solid and is definitely not the culprit here, we have 5 different machines at home and none of them experience these kind of issues.

I also can't replicate the connection drop on purpose, from what I've seen it's pretty much random.

Please help me, I really want to keep using this unit.
Thank you.


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Depending on your situation, you may be able to refer to the following methods to fix it.
1. Update the latest AX200 driver.
2. Change the following options
3. Ask for help from the intel official forum
4. Try other M.2 network cards and install the corresponding drivers.
Once there are any bugs, you are welcome to send us feedback via email
I am having the same issue. I also have the UM300 the wifi keeps disconnecting while telling me the wifi had no internet even though it's being used in other devices. The Network Diagnosis says that "The default gateway is not available" or something about the IP configuration. I keep getting connected and disconnected.
All drivers up to date, changed the options in the device manager as stated above. Still have same issue. Connected to wifi but have no internet, not even intermittently now. My cpu however can get wifi from my cellphone hotspot with no problem.


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UM300 - I had the same problem. Disconnect the expandable drive. Use only the M.2 SATA. Mine works now... or I will keep updated!


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I had similar issues as discussed in the other wifi thread here: "UM300 WiFi Connectivity Problem with 2.5" HDD installed", but removing the 2.5" drive made no difference. There is a good discussion of the 5GHz issue on the AX200 card and some proposed solutions worked through by the Intel people (but mostly the customers) in this thread:
There are actually a few discussions here about the AX200 card. Here's another relevant one:
The single workaround that worked for me was setting a fixed 20MHz channel width as mentioned by Joey above. But I do hope that this will be fixed by Intel in the future as the card obviously supports more than a fixed 20MHz channel width and should work in the Auto setting.


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I've had similar problems with the AX200 (i.e. it would connect to wifi but say "No Internet") but disconnecting my 2.5 SSD didn't make any difference in my case. I updated my drivers using the Intel utility to detect my hardware and install the proper version (which is currently set to, but the driver update didn't help either.

On the Intel discussion board the following threads have indicated this is a known issue getting 5GHz wifi connected (reliably) with this card. I found initially that if I changed the card's properties (device manager->advanced properties for the card) by setting the 5GHz wireless mode to 802.11n instead of 802.11ac, it worked. But my access point and the card both support 802.11ac, so that was not an acceptable fix. I later read this thread:
and this one:
and I believe this is a driver issue with the card not working properly with the 5 GHz channel width set to "Auto" as mentioned by Joey above (i.e. it must be set to a fixed 20 MHz) This was the only setting I had to change and I can now connect reliably and at full speed to my 5GHz network. It still seems like a workaround as the card supports and should work at other channel widths, but I believe the driver doesn't work properly other than fixed at 20 MHz for the 5GHz frequency.

For what it's worth, I do still find that I get better speeds (100 mbps vs 30 mbps) when I force channel 161 on my access point for 5 GHz. Left to auto channel selection, my last speed test showed 30 mbps even though I am provisioned for 100 mbps), but that could be an issue with my AP selecting poor channels. Although, my other PC's wifi always gets full speed on the tests even when the AP is set to Auto channel selection, so I still think there is something funky with this card and the lower channels. One poster in the first thread linked above did mention setting his router/AP to channel 161 for 5GHz and it worked much better, which was my result as well when using this card, so perhaps there's something to that as well.
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