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Internet keeps disconnecting intermittently


New Member

I am having intermittent issues with my Internet connection.

I am using the UM300 Ryzen 3300U, and tested 3 different sources to connect to the Internet :
-On-board wifi (basically useless, range is too short)
-TP Link Wifi USB adapter (works decently)
-TP Link Powerline adapter (works best but not flawless)

My issue is, every single day I've had this unit, multiple times a day, my Internet connection drops, for about a minute or so.
I've tried using both Ethernet ports, it didn't work. I've tried using the USB adapter on different USB ports, same results.
My point here being, the drop happens with all 3 different ways of connecting.

My router is solid and is definitely not the culprit here, we have 5 different machines at home and none of them experience these kind of issues.

I also can't replicate the connection drop on purpose, from what I've seen it's pretty much random.

Please help me, I really want to keep using this unit.
Thank you.


Staff member
Depending on your situation, you may be able to refer to the following methods to fix it.
1. Update the latest AX200 driver.
2. Change the following options
3. Ask for help from the intel official forum
4. Try other M.2 network cards and install the corresponding drivers.
Once there are any bugs, you are welcome to send us feedback via email
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