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Installing Windows 10 20H2 drivers problems


New Member
I want to install Windows 10 20H2 Pro 64b on MinisForum Z83F from scratch.
The installation goes well but as soon as I install the drivers I downloaded from the forum, I have several problems : Unexpected restart, BSOD, windows update crashing, ... . :eek:

Are there any new drivers for this version of Windows 10?

I don't have these problems when I upgrade from Windows 10 2004.
I have +/- 150 Z83-F to install to do this I use a deployment server. I am in the preparation of the base image that I will apply on the other things.
I have never had this kind of problem with previous versions of Windows 10. (+/- 240 MinisForum). :)

Can you help me?


New Member
I'm having problems with Win 10 20H2 as well. So far most of the 20 or so Z83-F I tried updating failed to update and rolled itself back. On the one that did succeed (not even sure how it just rebooted one day and had 20H2 on it) but now it blue screens on shut down or restart.

I've got a large fleet of Z83F minis running 1909 which is End of Life come May and will be forced into updating and I really don't want to have a bunch of failed updates to deal with. I'm starting to wish I had pushed to update to 2004 while it was still available since it has quite a bit more time before EoL.

Is Minisforum going to provide an updated install image for 20H2 once 1909 is obsoleted? I've noticed that some other recent minisforum pcs have come with 2004 pre-installed, but not the Z83F.
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