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I need urgent help (sleep mode not working, but I don't have any other option)


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Hi there
I really hope you can provide help.
I am struggling with this computer for a while now.
I figured the easiest way to manage the issues is to never turn it off, and just send it to sleep mode.

BUT sleep mode is not working either, most of the time.
The fan is running all night, and it prevents me from sleeping by making too much noise.

PLEASE: how can I send it to real sleep mode? About once or twice a month it does work, and in the morning I can just push the button, and it comes to life again. But most of the time the fan is running every second all night long.

Last night I had enough and sent it to hibernate mode. What a mistake!!!
This morning I had to battle about an hour to get it started again. Super mess and mega stress.
Please don't come up with telling me to open the computer. This kind of work is not within my abilities!!
JUST please tell me how to put it to sleep during the night.


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I sent my computer to sleep mode several hours ago after closing all programs. I hoped it will turn to sleep mode, when the blue light goes off and the fan stops.
Instead, it is still super hot and the fan is running all the time.
Impossible to sleep!!!!!!
Why nobody helps????
If I turn it off completely, I won't be able to turn it on again.
Please help
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