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HX90's bios update for the stuck problem when fTPM is enabled on Windows 10/11


I just experienced the first stutter while playing video after updating yesterday. Not sure if this is isolated incident of my use case or if it's wide spread. I thought I would chime in here in case it happens to others who have updated.
Yes, I have also experienced the same. Not only once but multiple times.


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Yes, I have also experienced the same. Not only once but multiple times.
IMO, it's reasonable to suspect that the alleged update didn't contain what was being requested. I can't find a way to verify the version of AGESA firmware it contains. Early 2022, people (all computer brands) were complaining about stutter. The release of seems to have fixed it for everyone else (google doesn't return pages of "the fix didn't work" that you'd expect if 1207 was ineffective.). So, what's different with Mf?

Frankly, there's a lot different. Mf exhibits obstinence over the bios I've never seen from a computer maker. All bios topics are treated as unwanted, not to be talked about (in private only); people aren't supposed to even know what the latest version is (without asking to be endowed with this secret info). HX90 users were coldly/disrespectfully blown off for months as if ignoring them will resolve the problem ("please understand [we're ignoring you]"). Version numbers are incomprehensible (going backwards sometimes, not changing other times). Bioses are strewn around the forum because "that's better than having them easily discoverable in the support/downloads area like everyone else does" (as a result, more than one person installed the wrong bios after finding something in a post). HX90 users were told (in the original thread) there would be no new bios (until some unspecified "test" is passed.). Literally two hours later, this new bios was released. Does that sound reasonable? If they were two hours away from releasing the bios, wouldn't they say "we're two hours away from releasing the bios?" (Or, more intuitively: wait two hours and post: "the new bios has been released in a new thread." Who says "no" to increasingly angry/ignored customers only to release what they've continuously exhibited apathy toward for months?).

Mf has never actually said that it contains 1207. They released it obviously not wanting to, perhaps just to shut everyone up (in a way "please understand" didn't)? We customers operate in good faith, assuming that this bios was released to fix the problem under discussion (for months in that other thread). But, there's plenty of examples of Mf shamelessly operating in bad faith. So, maybe we only believe it contains 1207 because we want to believe? It would never cross our minds that a computer maker would release something deceptive this way. (But, there's a lot here that would never cross anyone's mind.).

Anywhere else, it would sound crazy to suggest the bios doesn't contain what customers would intuitively believe it does. But, nobody else treats the bios the way Mf does. It's like they resent it in every possible way. It's like a dirty word.

So, I don't think it's crazy to ask "how do we know this bios (released 2 hours after a terse 'no bios will be released') really contains what everyone asked for for months (and was ignored for months)?" If 1207 didn't work, wouldn't there be scads of google results about that? I think that's a very realistic question given the overall environment here. Almost none of this can be ascribed to a language problem. It's pure surliness, laziness, low investment, not caring. Some of it could be a lack of resources. But, someone who wants to be a premiere computer brand doesn't do things that look entirely like "we don't want to." The ads certainly don't exhibit language problems. Just the support.

@br40 recently said they were stepping back from this community (reading occasionally, but wouldn't be as active. Help where they can.). I've reached that point myself. I won't be as active. It seems like my presence is increasingl that of a critic. There's a point where you realize "it is what it is (and they want it this way)." There's more productive ways to spend my time. As br40 noted, I can't foresee buying another Mf. Hopefully Mf can improve their support & respect for their customers. I think it's clear they don't want to.
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While streaming videos online. Occasionally while simply browsing internet on Chrome as well.
Sorry for the late reply, regarding the HX90, I have not yet reproduced the lagging phenomenon, I still suggest disabling fTPM to solve it.
I hope this information is helpful to you, thank you
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