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How to use FAN controls in BIOS to reduce fan noise


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with the new BIOS Cinebench R25 score is
Multi-Core score is 3583 and the CPU run around 2.87GHz. Temperature sits around 61C
Single-Core score is 913 and the CPU run around 3.4GHz. Temp sits around 64C

Geekbench 5 - 863 Single and 3218 Multi which is a little lower than mnisforum reference doc 895 and 3427

For reference I'm running this with 16GB RAM dual channel. the reference documentation here https://www.minisforum.com/Public/upload/files/2020-05-28/5ecf8605af21f.pdf Its only a shame I didn't run this benchmarking before the bios update because I was so ticked off that I'd purchased a jet engine instead of a mini-pc.


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You're kidding me. That's it?!? Wow. Yesterday I was so frustrated asking for help from Minisforum I ordered a new PC off Amazon. (Asus Expertcenter.)

So the steps are --

1. Download the BIOS.rar
2. Decompress and put folder on desktop
3. Inside that folder right click FLASHWIN.exe and select OPEN.
4. Allow program a minute or so to run and then it will automatically reboot.

(I added extra details above to confirm exactly what you said.)

Please write the correct filenames so that other new forum members can understand it.

to 1. BIOS.rar => the right is: DMAF5BIOS.rar
to 3. FLASHWIN.EXE => the right is: FlashWin.bat
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