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How to install RAM/Hard Drives/SSD on HX90


Staff member
Note: Because HX90 uses liquid gold cooling fluid. Liquid gold is a conductor. Once the liquid gold flows to the motherboard, it will easily cause a short circuit and not boot, so please do not remove the radiator. The following is the liquid gold picture of HX90 for users' reference.


Frans Suwardi

New Member
Dear Technical Support HX90,

Thank you for your reference picture, as a newbie I still need to know steps from the beginning how to open the box first.
I notice there are 4 screws, at the bottom of HX90, after opening this screws what is the next steps?

Actually I would like to upgrade my HX90 memory and SSD drive using local component.
Can you please let me know how to do it?

Thank you.


New Member
Thanks for the good movie, how to install ram/hdd or ssd.
But i have one question, i ordered the hx90 begin november, will there be the cables to connect the drive's also in the package?. If not how are the cables called, so i can order them somewhere.

Thanks in advance

max tsukino

New Member
Hi, a question regarding the installation of hard drives...

Is there an order in which to plug the drives? due to budget, I'm only able to buy one, and I'm unsure of what would be the proper way. Should one of the connectors be prioritized? or any of them would work?



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HX90 has two 2.5inch SATA ports. In fact, two 2.5inch SATA can be used at the same time.
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