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Hot to update the BIOS


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I am trying to update the Bios from 1.05 to 1.5 but was not able to find a decription of the process. In annother post it was said, go to BIOS, set to default and update. But how?
Copying the BIOS Files to a Flash Drive does not work as the system will not start from a USB Stick (Security Settings prohibit starting from USB Drives)
The BIOS itself has no update mechanism as well. And documentation about Minisforum PC is very sparse as well.

So maybe somebody can point me to the right document or howto?
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Sorry, thought this is the manufacturers forum, so they should know ;-)

Download the BIOS File, extract all Files to a USB Drive (doesn't need to be bootable as it seems).

When booting press DEL repeatedly until the BIOS shows up. Go to SECURITY and set SECURE BOOT CONTROL to DISABLED. Goto EXIT and select EXIT SAVING CHANGES. When the reboot starts, hit F7 repeatedly until the boot menue appears, now select BOOT FROM USB, this should work now.
Soon after USB boot is selected, the BIOS upgrade process starts automatically (at least it did on my machine).
When finished, type EXIT on the prompt, remove the USB stick and the machine should reboot.
One final note: Not sure if you need to set SECURE BOOT CONTROL back to ENABLED afterwards for Windows to work properly again. I did not check Windows after the BIOS Upgrade as I proceeded with Linux on my machine.
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