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HM80/HM50 bios update (support windows11)


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Update documentation:
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This is correct
Thank you Joey

UPDATE: The BIOS update did not help out. Still needed to disable Global CStates in the BIOS to regain the functionality of the rear ports using Linux.
I hope this information helps.
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Just installed the update on my HM50 as per Joey's instructions and I now have TPM 2.0 enabled so this mini is now fully compatible with Microsoft's hardware requirements for Win11 so I can test it out and be prepared for when Win11 is released.

Thanks to Joey and Minisforum support/design staff for being so responsive to this issue.

Update 4 Jul 2021
I have the developers version of Win11 running in a dual-boot configuration. Had no problems at all installing it or running any app's (so far).
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